Welcome to the history pages of the Bütler, Fischer, Fabich/Fabish and Dodunski families who had emigrated from Switzerland and Poland in the 1870's, to then make their way over to New Zealand to begin a new life. We can all be thankful that they took this brave first step as we would not be here without them taking this courageous step.

Information provided on these pages comes out of a Butler book that contains many family trees that date back to JOHANN BUTLER & ANNA MARIA nee VILLIGER in Switzerland, along with family stories and information that have been supplied from several family members. This book also contains a large collection of photographs that were also kindly supplied by many family members.

Information also was provided from a 101 page book on the family of ALOIS & MARIE BUTLER-LIEB who were also born in Switzerland. This book is called - The Butler Story - From Aargau Switzerland to Inglewood New Zealand. This book also has family trees, and information, along with family stories that you can trace your family’s history.

I would also like to thank the many other family members who had provided their family trees, photographs and stories to be placed into the two books mentioned above, without this additional information these pages would have not contained nearly enough knowledge of our past ancestors.

I had already covered the Kivell side of my family and provided the information that was needed for family members to trace their ancestors, so it is only right that I provide the same information that is needed on my mother’s side of the family.

Please feel free to send any additional information or photos that you may like to add to these pages, this would further the knowledge for any visiting family members who would like to know which family tree they originated from.

I look forward to any additional information you can provide.
Peter Kivell