Josef and Idda's Golden Wedding celebration on 31 October 1936
Back L/R: Rose Butler m. Joseph STACHURSKI, Mary Butler m. Jim HALL, Ede (Ida Butler) m. Bill HERLIHY, Fred Butler m. Kate HALL, Josef Felix Butler, Edward Butler m. Gladys BOCOCK, Joseph (Joe) Silvan Butler (our Mary Margaret FABISH/BUTLER LINE), and John Josef Butler or Jack as he was called m. Evelyn CROFSKEY

Middle L/R: Hilda Butler m Josef CHAMBERLAIN, Amelia Butler m Lance SMITH, Maria Idda Butler nee Fischer, Martina Butler m Lou BOCOCK, & Josephine Butler m. Bernard FABISH (a 2nd cousin to Joe Silvan Butler's wife Mary nee FABISH)

Front L/R: Len Butler m. Annie SCHICKER, Walter Butler m. Olive BEGG

*Josephine BUTLER is Joseph Silvan BUTLER'S sister and Josephine married Bernie FABISH (2nd cousin to Joseph's wife Mary Margaret FABISH) - Christine GRACE (nee FABISH) grandparents, so we are double related in this situation to Christine Grace nee FABISH, Leonard FABISH and Marion ANSTIS nee FABISH, Josephine's grandchildren.
Mary Louisa BUTLER married Jim HALL and his sister Kate HALL married Fridolin (Fred) BUTLER
Martina BUTLER married Lou BOCOCK and his sister Ivy Gladys BOCOCK married Edward BUTLER

As one can see the families were a close knit bunch in those days - one wonders if people know nowadays just who is a relation and who is not.
Photo kindly supplied by Des & Venie SURREY nee BUTLER & daughter Gael JOYCE nee SURREY