Ref: New Zealand Herald November 18th 1881
The barque Antares, 821 tons, arrived from London yesterday, anchoring off the Queen Street Wharf. The passage from port to port occupied 110 days. The Antares was built at Sunderland by Mounsey and Foster for Mr K H Penny, of Shoreham, and is a sister ship to the Alaster, which was here about two years ago. She has made several trips to Southern ports. The Antares brings 29 passengers, equal to 24 adults. Light and contrary winds were experienced, which accounts for the passage being some-what protracted. Captain Lewis reports: Left Gravesend in tow of a tug on July 30th. Tug left on the following day. Had strong favourable winds down the Channel. Passed the Equator on September 4th, and rounded the Cape on Saturday, October 8. Was off Tristan d'Acunha on Monday, September 26, when a heavy south-east gale was experienced, the weather during the previous portion of the passage being for the most part very fine, contrary winds being often met with. Ran the easting down in parallel 43'S. Was off Tasmania on November 4, and passed North Cape on Sunday last, with light contrary winds, which also continued down the coast until arrival. All the passengers on board are in good health, the only cause of regret being the death of one of the number which left London, shortly before arrival, Mrs Hennessey, a lady of 35 years of age, of decline.

Ref: NZ Herald 18 November 1881 Arrivals on 17 November 1881 - Auckland

Antares, barque from London Passengers: Charles Penny, Mrs Penny, Tom Penny, Christiana Grant, Isabella Grant, Annie Burton, Louise Burton, Ann Burton, William G Burton, Edward Burton, Henry Burton, Isabell Murcher, Selina Murcher, Thos. Murcher, James Murcher, Isabella Murcher, Albert Murcher, Alice Hennessey, James Hennessey, Patrick Hennessey, Martin Hennessey, John Hennessey, Thos. Hennessey, Margaret Hennessey, M.E. FISHER, Joseph A. FISHER, Ida FISHER, S.B. FISHER, and Joseph FISHER - Owen and Graham Agents.

Ref: the Taranaki Herald Monday, November 21, 1881 Waitara: arrived November 19, MacGregor, SS 163 tons Aodeo, from Onehunga. Passengers - Mrs FISHER, Misses FISHER (2), Master FISHER (3) and 3 in steerage - Cargo 10 tons. (Spelling of surnames was incorrect)


IDDA BUTLER & MARY MEYER Switzerland 1913

Maria Idda BUTLER wife of Josef Felix BUTLER age c46 years, Maria Elizabetha (Mary) MEYER wife of (Emil MEYER her 2nd husband) age c64 years when this photo was taken.