After Josef and Idda were married they farmed in Suffolk Rd, Inglewood until 1911.

They then moved to Dudley Rd, Inglewood until 1920 until they retired and moved to Carrington Street, New Plymouth. Josef passed away at his home in Lemon St, New Plymouth.

Josef and Idda had fourteen children but lost one and that was the last child Gertrude Eileen BUTLER aged 7 months when she died on 25 November 1911, (a sickly child from birth apparently she did not grow).

Josef Felix visited Switzerland in 1907 on his own but in 1913 he returned back to Switzerland taking Idda with him - Idda had a desire to experience the month of May just once more in her lifetime and she would tell her children how lovely it was at that time of the year and all about the pilgrimages. Her daughter Josie looked after the family while they were away.

This photo (L) supplied by Brian Herlihy Kaimata

My uncle Kenneth (Ken) BUTLER of Stratford has a large painting hanging on his wall of this photo.

Photo shown taken: 31 Oct 1911 on Silver Wedding Celebration.

Young Lads - Joseph Silvan BUTLER (left) and his brother Edward Kaspar BUTLER (my gradfather)

Edward's son Ken BUTLER has a large Swiss wall clock which Idda & Josef brought back from Switzerland, also he has a silver Fob watch and he said at one time his Father had a gold one but fell upon needy times and sold it. Edward was the only Butler of his generation who went to WWI. All of his war medals from France/Europe are on display in the Waiouru Army Museum for all to see.

His two eldest sons Danial (Dan) and Clarence (Snow) BUTLER (my uncles) went to WWII, Italy and Egypt. Dan was a POW but escaped.