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16th September 1915 to the 21st November 1915
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10th October 1915
Chas and I running around the Greek villages all day. Very interesting. Enjoying life to the utmost. Its great to be existing these days. Played 500 at night. Chas & I still experts at the game.

11th October 1915
Playing the Wandering Jew again. Been to every village within a radius of 5 miles from camp. Struck Lucre again. Enjoying this spell to the full. Dr [Driver] Jackson, who was badly wounded some time ago returned to the Bty today.

12th October 1915
"Villaging" all day. Saw W & G Everiss tonight.

13th 1October 915
"Villaging" all day. Lucre came over at night for tea. Spent the evening with us. Dog tired. Tramped about 15 solid miles today.

14th October 1915
Very quiet day, and cold. Lucre came over tonight. Sat up yarning till late. Enjoying spell immensely.

15th October 1915
Another quiet day. Played 500 all morning. Still as cold as C [Charity].

16th October 1915
Very quiet day. Had a look at a soccer match in the afternoon, and had a stroll to the top of a hill at the back of our camp to see why they should build houses up on such places. Found out that this one is a shrine used by some of the Greeks who inhabit the villages.

17th October 1915
Great celebration today. Pay day. Speculated lavishly amongst the many fruits & other "weak points" all afternoon. Lucre came over at night. Played 500 again.

18th October 1915
Accepted an invitation from the Officers of the HMAT Argyllshire. Had a real good old day. Had the best meal of meals I've had since leaving Sydney. Kicked around on board, had a screw at the hole starboard side aft where a French Cruiser rammed her 60 miles out from Port. Came back in their 40 HP motor boat at night. Awfully pleasant day. Today is the Anniversary of our leaving Sydney. Very few of the old Battery left to celebrate it at present. We haven't an officer sergeant major, or sergeant, of the old crowd left. Sergeant Short the last of the Sergts to get knocked was wounded in 3 places by Shrapnel at Anzac 3 days ago. Hollis & Pearce are on the OK list again.

19th October 1915
Villaging all day.

20th October 1915
Villaging again. YMCA concert at night with Lucre & Chas.

21st October 1915
Villaging. Saw both Everiss at night. Cold as Charity here.

22nd October 1915
Bitterly cold. Took on several short walks to handy villages.

23rd October 1915
Orderly Cpl today. Managed to get hold of a few "wantables" tonight in the person of a watch, toothbrush and strop &c. Still bitterly cold. Expecting 5000 wounded from the Bulgarian Frontier. Wish we could get up there.

24th October 1915
Sunday, and no change in the temperature. Villaging again.

25th October 1915 (Monday)
Took on a long walk today. Visited 2 villages one being the largest we've seen on the Island. Done a bit of sea fishing during our ramble. Caught a few. Beautiful day.

26th October 1915
Very wintry day. Too rough to "carry on" same as yesterday. 1st Brigade Infantry left this morning, destination unknown. No news of leaving as yet.

27th October 1915
Still wintry nothing great doing. Attended concert in YMCA at night.

28th October 1915
Two wintry to go villaging today. Kicked around camp instead.

29th October 1915
Better day today. Villaging & visited the no's 1 2 & 3 Australian General Hospital. Saw some more of those almost curios, women.

30th October 1915
Villaging &c

31st October 1915
Joe Everiss sent over a bundle of luxuries in the form of Auckland Weekly's. Being Sunday have been perusing them all day.

1st November 1915
Lazy Day.

2nd November 1915

3rd November 1915

4th November 1915
ditto. Pay day. "Speculating"

5th November 1915
Villaging. Got orders at 9.30pm to get ready for I don't know where. Due to leave camp early tomorrow morning.

6th November 1915
Up at 5.30. Packed & left old camp at 8am. Walked to landing at Mudros West. Done some more water walking. At present 11:30 waiting for transport 5.15pm. On SS 'Newmarket' heading for Anzac. Expect to arrive there at 8.

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Daily Diaries
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