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22nd November 1915 to the 3rd January 1916
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Back at Embros Island

3rd December 1915
Disappointed last night. Still at Anzac awaiting transport. Supposed to leave at minute's notice. LATER. Got orders to leave camp at 9.30. Walked via Walker's Ridge to beach. Got on board a semi-trawler and left at 12.30. Arrived at Embros 5.30. Camped in tents again.

4th December 1915
Spent practically the whole day eating and I am still hungry. Awaiting General Birdwood's return from Cape. Don't know where we are off to yet. Guns and first party on board the Queen Louise. Saw Mr Selmes today. Looking OK. Quite a novel experience not to have to dodge shells or bombs. Plenty of Turks prisoners. Also an aeroplane.

5th December 1915
Still no news as regards shifting from here, so filling in time doing the next best thing to fighting - eating. Delany and myself got permission off DSO to visit the RNAS's aerodrome. Had about 3 ½ hours there this afternoon. Tried to go for a 'rise' but struck hard luck. Having another try tomorrow. Very interesting afternoon.

Walkers Ridge leading down to 'W' Beach

6th December 1915
Missed fire again as regarding having a trip in an aeroplane, the day being rather rough. Had a look around the beach which is strewn with small wrecks, due to the stormy weather of late. Had a good view of the battleships shelling Achi Baba and Anzac. Visited QMS Tabbs, along with Golding at night. Orders in for reveille at 5 am tomorrow. Leaving for Sarpi Camp, Nudros West.

7th December 1915
Couldn't get away today, so made the best of things and kicked around generally. Rec orders for embarkation tomorrow morning at 7.

Onto Lemnos Island

8th December 1915
On board TBD 'Chelmer' heading for Lemnos. Have just got word of hostile aeroplane about. The gunners are on their guns already. Later hour appearance of aeroplane. Arrived at Lemnos and pulled alongside SS Arregon and ordered to Nudros W. Arrived at Camp at 8 pm. Great trip across.

9th December 1915
Getting settled here at our old position. Visited Sonpi this afternoon along with Delany and a chap of the Chelmer. Our party off H supposed to land tonight.

10th December 1915
Guns landed OK also rest of party with the exception of Bradwell and 2 others who are guarding the ammunition. Visited dental hospital later. Saw Golding at No 3 AGH. 500 at night.

11th December 1915
Rebuilding tents etc. Villageing this afternoon and watching football match.

12th December 1915
Getting settled down to Camp life again. Start training tomorrow.

13th December 1915
Camp and training routine similar to Egypt with the exception of having horses. A great number of our troops have been arriving here for the past 24 hours. Nothing definite known but fancy there's a big move somewhere. Glorious weather nowadays. Hear Chas will be over in a day or so.

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