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22nd November 1915 to the 3rd January 1916
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14th December 1915
Got wet through last night owing to a heavy fog coming up. Didn't awake until 6.30 am. Sleep through anything nowadays. Even artillery or dropping shells have failed to rouse me once I get down. Out for a run tonight. Our battery is playing the Engineers footer tomorrow. Horribly out of form for it though.

15th December 1915
Camp routine same during the morning. Struck a half holiday from 1.30. Our match came off, for reference look at me. Both knees minus skin, ditto repeat ankle and nose and a swollen lip. Watson got a bump on the head which knocked him silly for 3 hours, and England got a broken rib. Still it was a ripping match. We won by 9 to 0.

16th December 1915
Gee, stiff as a poker, knee looks like a well squashed plum pudding. Gift stores arrived today. Caught a shirt, packets of sweets etc. Several of our artillery details arrived today. Believe we are evacuating Anzac for some greater move. Awfully sorry, for although a warm corner of the planet had a great affection for that place. Can't find out what our next move is.

17th December 1915
Had to visit Doctor today. Knee crook. More details arrived from Anzac today. Glorious days here. 500 at night.

18th December 1915
Still attending the Doctor and am exempt from duty. Just my luck. A match against 3rd Bty on Sunday and am hours-de-combat. Can't play. Visited village today. Had tea with a lady and her daughter. Saw Saunders at night.

19th December 1915
'Footer' match again today. Our Bty played the rest of the FA Div. 8 Batteries in all and licked them 8 to 0. Couldn't play owing to crook knee. Delaney and I visited village afterwards and spent the afternoon with the Greek family.

20th December 1915
Camp routine with a vengeance. Mail arrived today, the first we've had for 6 or 7 weeks. Caught quite a few. Awaiting orders for our next shift.

21st December 1915
Orderly Sgt all day. Knee still out of action. Div inspection by OC. Raining.

22nd December 1915
Visited village and the Greek family today. Spent an enjoyable afternoon with Seymour and Bennett. Saw Saunders again. Pay tonight.

23rd December 1915
Light Horse left for Egypt today. Issued with small arm ammunition so expect to shift soon. Believe we're off to Egypt again. Villageing all morning and afternoon packing. Raining.

24th December 1915
Orders out to leave here Boxing Day. All exciting and bustle. Visited village and took leave of our Greek friends. Dry Christmas sticking out.

25th December 1915
Christmas Day, and I've got a 45/- thirst! Quiet day throughout. Concert at night. Favoured the gathering with a rendition. Cold as Charity again.

26th December 1915
Orderly Sgt for the day. Deleany managed to bribe a Greek into selling 2 bottles of Ale, which we had much pleasure in annihilating. Sent our baggage down to the wharf ready for shipment. Believe we leave here for Lemnos Is tomorrow.

27th December 1915
Departure postponed owing to heavy weather. Nothing much doing.

'W' Beach under fire from the Turkish army during evacuation.

28th December 1915
Our old friends the 42nd (who we were attached to at Helles) arrived today being relieved. They landed a little at a time after us. Our Bty played the crack team of Lemnos (1st FA) Football but lost 9 to 3. Didn't play. Knee still crook.

29th December 1915
Our whole Division of Artillery Details went for a 12 mile rout march. Nearly got to Therma. Lovely day and most enjoyable walk.

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