Military Medal
Military Medal and bar
M.M. and BAR
D Company's part in the attack was described by Second- Lieutenant Buchanan, commanding 18 Platoon. 'For this attack D Coy was given the task of reserve coy for the Battalion and followed B and C Coys to their objectives'.
It was then found that the Bn was approx 400 yds to the right of their correct position. So D Coy moved over to the left to fill this gap between 25 Bn and the South Africans. While in this position the Coy came under intermittent fire from two enemy MG posts approx 600 yds forward and one on each flank. The two forward platoons (16 and 17) were sent forward to silence these guns.
As a result of this local action 2-Lieut Dickson, 2 Sgts, and 6 ORs of D Coy were killed, also 2-Lieut Powdrell, 1 Sgt, and 6 ORs were wounded, Lt Powdrell later dying at ADS. In the early hours of the morning the tanks of 9 Armd Bde and of 10 Corps took up positions along the crest occupied by 25 Bn and engaged enemy positions and tanks.
In this action 5 more ORs of D Coy were wounded. When his platoon commander and platoon sergeant became casualties in the attack on the machine-gun posts by 15 and 17 Platoons, Corporal Penman took over command of his platoon and, although wounded himself, was personally responsible for obtaining assistance for the wounded men.
Subsequently he was awarded a Bar to the Military Medal (which he won later in Tunisia) for 'His excellent leadership, devotion to duty, courage, determination, and disregard for his own safety' on Miteiriya Ridge.
Miteiriya Ridge
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