The loss of Sgt W. Penman M.M. and bar
Sgt W. (Bill) Penman, MM and bar; born in NZ, 17 Jan 1909; printer's machinist; wounded 24 Oct 1942; killed in action 30 Nov 1943.
On the 30th the advance was continued, 6 Brigade being directed slightly to the right away from Route 84 towards Castelfrentano, which was to be attacked by 24 Battalion while New Zealand armoured units advanced up Route 84 in simulation of a main attack.
In the afternoon A Company (Robertshaw) pushed on to the north for about a mile, patrolling towards Pt 150, which lay 800 yards to the east of Route 84. The leading platoon was fired on from an enemy post onthe hill; another platoon came forward and by 5 p.m. the post was captured with a loss of two killed (Sergeants Penman, MM and bar, and Peebles).
Twenty Germans of 146 Regiment, 65 Infantry Division (the same formation as that attacked two days ago) and nine light machine guns were captured. That night the remainder of A Company advanced and the position was occupied with two platoons forward, 9 on the right and 7 on the left, and 8 Platoon in reserve.
To guard the left flank of A Company, D Company (Captain Hewitt) sent a patrol to San Eusanio railway station near Route 84, 800 yards south-west of Pt 150; the previous night a patrol had reported the station clear of the enemy, but it had been reoccupied and in a sharp action Corporal Davidson, the patrol leader, was wounded.
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