Presentation Ceremony of the Military Medal and Bar to the M.M.
In the middle of August General Freyberg inspected the battalion lines and then addressed the officers. Two days later he inspected a ceremonial parade of 6th Brigade and presented decorations and medals awarded for the campaigns in Greece, Crete, Libya, and Tunisia. From the 25th Battalion Lieutenant-Colonel Morten received the DSO, Captain Williams the MC, and WO I Hampton, Sergeant Penman, and Sergeant Heine the MM.
Several awards were made to members of the battalion for services in the recent operations. They were: DSO, Lieutenant-Colonel Morten and Major Morrison - MC, Captain Norman and Lieutenant Williams - MM, WO II L. Hampton, Sergeant L. G. Mendelssohn, Corporal J. A. Glover, Lance-Corporal R. W. Heine and Private J. L. Leckie - Bar to MM, Lance-Sergeant W. Penman - Commander-in-Chief's commendation card, Lieutenant Frost for services during the operations at the Alamein line in October 1942, Captain L. C. McCarthy, then the battalion's Medical Officer, was awarded the MC
During the month the vehicles were re-camouflaged, receiving a basic coat suitable for European conditions. Rumours as to the destination of the Division were now rife, the popular selection being Italy, though the Balkans were not neglected. Opinion was of course influenced by the trend of tactical training towards operations in close country, the alteration in camouflage (though it was recognised that it could be a ‘blind’) and the end of the campaign in Sicily pointing logically to Italy.
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