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5th April 1915 to the 15th September 1915
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15th August 1915
Asia had another go about 2 am this morning. I can see sadness setting in for that Bty. today. We have 2 10 inch guns in position now, and the St. Louis is handy, so they'll get a fireworks display for their special benefit. Later... Asia got it. A monitor came up and lifted the lid off 'H' this afternoon. Haven't heard from that Bty. since. Fairly quiet day, but believe we're having a go tonight sometime to get back that Y12 we lost.

16th August 1915
In action at 2:15 am. Going some too. Don't know if we were successful or not as yet. Later... our attack failed last night. Don't know the reason but it did. Several reinforcements arrived here today. 1 Sgt who was attached to our Bty, I found out to be Wid Watson, the N.S.W. rep footballer, a great pal of Bats & Harfords and brother of the No. 1 of our gun in H. Bty N.Z. Had a great yarn with him. Things very quiet all along our front. Our transport Royal George torpedoed with the loss of 1400 lives.

17th August 1915
Very hot all day. Went for a stroll down to our waggon line this morning just for a bit of exercise. Up to the 3 pounder this afternoon, and loosed a few. Thought it was Christmas or Guy Fawkes today. Some kind, beneficent, interfering people sent our Bty. chocolates, biscuits, writing gear etc. Everybody seemed to be quiet for half an hour or so. Started 500 again. Dorgs at it.

18th August 1915
Very quiet day, and awfully hot. Fires ditto. Too hot to go anywhere in particular so lounged around all day. Swim last night with Hollis and Delaney. Quiet night.

19th August 1915
Rain this morning. Didn't last extra long. Nothing much doing, got a few shells over this afternoon but did no damage. Our first touch of winter tonight. Everybody is wearing woollen caps and tunics. Quite a change from shorts putties and boots and nothing else worth talking about. Quiet night.

20th August 1915
Glorious day. Real N.Z. autumn. Swim too, and a couple of H.E. Played 500 all the morning. Things very quiet. Official news through says that there are 3 divisions of Arabs (?) coming over to try and push us about. Poor dears they'll get it. Artillery duel between French 10 in and Asians ditto, saw the effect of Asia's but couldn't see the French inoculation against Cholera. Sing song at night. There's 16in in our group now and we made enough row to frighten all the Turks this side of Achi Baba.

21st August 1915
Feeling fit as the devil himself again. Had a stroll down to the waggon line, and got my boots off. Mail arrived, 1 from home, 2 from Mitton. Intermittent shelling all day. Big beano at night. Chas raided some place and nabbed 2 bottles of fizz and 2 of wine. No wonder I'm feeling fit. Quiet night.

22nd August 1915
Went up with Mac's break this morning. Nearly had a trip to Alexandria, by the way, per shrapnel. Quiet day. Wouldn't know there was a war on. Asia started tonight. Dr Jackson wounded. Wrote Hossie.

23rd August 1915
Blowing like old nick, and pretty chilly with it. Feeling a bit after 18 months perpetual summer. Nothing much doing. Edwards ordered to Alexandria. Pretty crook with fever. Quiet night.

24th August 1915
Still blowing like 'H'. Went for a stroll down to the waggon line in the afternoon. 5 Bty just behind opened up tonight. Gives you a smack in the back like a kick from an elephant. Can see the shell as it leaves the muzzle. Played 500 until we nearly went to sleep. Good news regarding victory in the Baltic and Italy declared war on Turkey.

25th August 1915
Nothing much doing. Wouldn't know there was a war on, but for the occasional shell. Played 500 all afternoon. Quiet night.

26th August 1915
Up at the observation station this morning. Nothing doing baring a few bombs being slung about. Some heavy howitzer has been sending over a few to range on to the 5in Bty in the rear.

27th August 1915
Lovely day. Went for a stroll up to the fire trenches this morning. Nothing doing. Couldn't even get a shot in. Big canteen shipment of fruits and comforts arrived tonight. Found myself playing the auctioneer stunt.

28th August 1915
Quiet day, but a bit of shelling at night. Everybody busy preparing winter quarters. Nothing doing.

29th August 1915
Heavy shelling of counter batteries all afternoon. Second injections of anti-cholera tack. Soon be proof against everything except H.E. shells. Quiet night.

30th August 1915
Quiet day. Artillery duels the order of the afternoon. Pretty stiff rifle fire all night.

31st August 1915
Up at observation station again. Nothing doing, baring the French and enemies heavies belting at each other, and sundry convoys that are kicking about. Heavy shelling tonight.

1st September 1915
Things getting quite interesting again. Counter Btys having quite a little flutter again. Orders out for winter quarters starting tomorrow.

2nd September 1915
Hard at it. Reconstructing gun pit and making waterproof dug outs. Asia started out again tonight. Good 2 hrs bombardment.

3rd September 1915
Still working at pit. Can't close either hand. Blisters galore. Awfully hot day. Great bombardment by the monitors destroyers and heavies of Asia, and our front tonight. Great sight. Seemed as though there was a war on somewhere.

4th September 1915
Great sport today. Our heavies been having shot for shot against Asia and Achi Baba. Got a few over our way between times. Count on Asia remembering that we're still on this particular planet. Quiet night.

5th September 1915
Ditto repeato of yesterday. Nothing much doing along the front.

6th September 1915
Busy night I believe. They tell me Asia was going all night and Achi Baba was shrapneling us. Also that the 5in French Bty about 500yds in rear was firing for an hour. Heard nothing of it. Sleep to well in this country. Inspection by some General somebody. Told us we were to be transferred to ANZAC.

7th September 1915
Still nothing much doing baring the heavies paying each other compliments. Received orders to go to Fire trenches tomorrow. Quiet night.

8th September 1915
Up to the F.T. this morning. Had a screw around on my own. Couldn't see much to shoot at so came back to our Telephone Station. Worst luck our station recalls tender memories, being called B.O. or in telephone alphabet Beer Oh (Rotten). Decent stint on this evening. Saw bombardment of G12 & G13 by our batteries with a few more thrown in, with trench mortars, tossing about serial torpedoes. Great sight. We were in a trench about 100yds from where they were lobbing so had a ripping view.

9th September 1915
Up at 6 am. Cold as charity up here, miss my little cubby house, 2/300yds in rear. Only one blanket up here. 7 down below. Had a run around the trenches this afternoon. Adjutant of 1/5 H.L.I. Mr Olding and self had a ripping bit of sniping. Also ditto repeato of last nights "Hate". Quiet night.

10th September 1915
Up early again this morning. Still cold as Charity. Had to sleep right in a trench last night and by the bruises and the amount of skin knocked off my arms and knees, reckon someone or a battalion or infantry has used me as a door mat. Something more for Kaiser Bill to pay for. Got down to the Bty at 10.30 am. Bath and slept for the majority of the day.

11th September 1915
Pretty quiet again. Getting ready for another move. Got several letters from Generals and a few more 'spare parts' thanking us for our excellent work etc until one really thinks that we're real 'Dorgs'. Got a present of a tin of Egyptian Cigarettes today. God bless Sir Walter Raleigh and Cleopatra. Intermittent shelling this afternoon.

12th September 1915
North Pole still in its furthest south position I think. Preparing for our shift. Don't know where we're off to only know it's somewhere on the map around here.

13th September 1915
Up at observation station this morning. Started slaying early by sticking a snake with a French bayonet. The brute crawled over my arm while I was watching a bit of Hate being vented on the 'Ts'. Walked over to the L.Bty later on. Norm, Pearce, Delaney, & self indulged in cards all afternoon. Several good artillery duels by counter batteries but as our guns are just about worn out (unfortunately) we had to be quiet. Had a go at cooking later. About 7 of the boys are at present suffering acutely from pains low down in the interior. Liable to spontaneous combustion any moment. Asia became very active tonight.

14th September 1915
A bit of hate on the right this morning. Spread to the left later on, when about 8 batteries concentrated on to the T's and sent things spinning for a time. Walked with Delaney over to L Battery to see some pal of his. Learn that Derbyshire, the only gunner of the three left at the gun at Mons was killed by a shell from Asia. Asia and our heavies been going some all afternoon. Towards evening some insignificant Bty sent us over a dozen but we showed our independence by not replying because their shooting was rotten.

15th September 1915
Rained like blazes last night, but our dug-out proved quite water proof although the mud was particularly sloppy when we got out this morning. Have just rec. orders to expect a move any old time now to go to some new landing, so I suppose things will be extra brisk soon. HURRAH!
Have decided to send this to Lottie.

Battery of artillery on the Gallipoli shore (GWS)

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