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5th April 1915 to the 15th September 1915
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First Gallipoli Landing at Gaba Tepe

26th April 1915
Woke up at 6.15 by the 'Majestic's' broadside. Proves a real good alarm clock. Observing the naval fire all the morning. Was having quite a snooze about 1 pm when Gibson woke me up with 'Full Marching Orders' to go ashore. Saw to the slinging of horses and got aboard the punt, and was towed ashore by a mine-sweeper. Within a mile from the shore we became a mark for the enemy's snipers and they served it up pretty hot, one bullet went through Doc's haversack, while another introduced itself to Sgt Gurd and myself as we were sitting together. Missed Gurd's head by a matter of decimals of an inch. Passed close to 'London' as she let go a broadside. Knocked one chap's cap off. On getting to the shore, rec. orders to go back as the landing was too crowded. Didn't we curse, but orders are orders on service, so back we went. I'd like to have 5 minutes with that particular officer who handed out that order. The enemies snipers got busy again but only splashed the water around us.

A view of the Gaba Tepe Landing

Back onboard the SS. Indian

27th April 1915
Went to bed absolutely down and out last night. Awfully disappointed at not being allowed to land. Woke up at 5.30 this morning by bursting shells. Seems to me they can't leave this craft alone. Four 10 inch lyddite shells lobbed in the water close to us, one rang in my ears for sometime afterwards. Their gunnery is rotten, made an awful mess of the water. Got the order to clear out of range. Put back to sea at 9 am. Went SW on some shrewd movement. Cruised about all day and part of the night. Curse that officer. Bunk 9.30.

28th April 1915
Party detailed last night, went ashore by the navy's fire. Didn't find anybody to fight with or dispute their landing so came back. Anyhow a little later a Turkish observation station was located, which the 'Amethyst' reduced to nothing much in two shots, range 6 miles. Cruised around all afternoon, but could not draw the enemy's fire. Still waiting a fitting opportunity to land at the main landing place on Gaba Tepe. AE2 and another British sub got into the Sea of Marmora and sank a transport. Our troops succeeded in establishing themselves 11.5 miles inland. Great praise from the Powers that Be. Naval men greatly taken with the first wild charge. Bunk 9.30.

29th April 1915
Woke up to find a real gale raging. Blowing is no name for it. Cold as charity. Still playing the waiting game, but wish that our landing orders would come quickly. This afternoon played a game of drawing the enemy's fire just south of our landing place. They let drive at us but no sooner had the cruisers spotted the flash than it was good-night Ethel. Had another beano tonight.

30th April 1915
Woke up this morning by a broadside from the 'Queen'. Found out that we were back at our old landing at Gaba Tepe. The Turks main arsenal (in Maidos) has been set on fire by lyddite from the battleships. It's still burning fiercely a few miles inland. Heard today some awful atrocities committed on our wounded. C.O. and Adjutant gone ashore this afternoon. Bombarding 2nd ridge inland all day. Another beano tonight. Something starting with F.

1st May 1915
First of the shooting season at home today. We're still after bigger game here. Heavy bombardment all day. The 'Queen' anchored about a mile away, made splendid practice on an enemy's trench. She fired six rounds at this target, all proving effective. When the smoke had cleared, exit trench. Have quite changed my opinion of the Turks. Always thought they compared favourably with Americans, all boast. But what they have stood in reference to gunfire is marvellous. Message dispatched from G.O.C. to our Divisional C.O. Your Australians have done wonders. Bombardment all day.

2nd May 1915
Things very quiet on shore today. Only about 50 shells lobbed by the fleet. Our 29th Div effected another landing away on the left called Cape Helles. From all accounts they had a pretty stiff time. Tonight from 6 till 8 the heaviest bombardment commenced. It was glorious to watch. One Turkish battery was blown up with six shots. Had a ripping view of it. The concussion of the guns shook our ship some. The gunnery was marvellous. Aeroplane observation. Casualty list on board 5000 killed and wounded. Sgt Goldring whom I met at Mena, is seriously wounded. Hamish went on board the Murmansk to see his Pater. Lt Col. N. bought back bread, milk, jam etc, and Ye Gods Yummies for all. Big beano tonight.

3rd May 1915
Heavy bombardment this morning. Had orders to get close in and get ready to disembark, when our friends lobbed several shells at us. One chap, about a 10 inch, landed square on the foremost derrick of the boat next to us. Killed and wounded 16. They had our range, and just put them in to their hearts content. Had to put out to sea once more, and remained there for the rest of the day. Just finished beano tonight when Olding came along and told us we were to reinforce the 29th Div at Cape Helles. Great excitement. All just about mad. Weighed anchor 11.25 pm.

Landing at Cape Helles

4th May 1915
Arrived at destination 2.30 pm. Started disembarking ashore at 5 pm. Saw to the guns coming off safely. Then Norman, Todd and self went for a stroll, just to see the sights. The foreshore is absolutely lined with trenches and graves. Our chaps lost terribly, and were driven back once right on the beach. The bay itself was strongly fortified and barbed wire was placed 80 yds out from the shore under water, so as to entangle the boats. Got back to the Battery and parked our guns. Bunk on terra firma once again.

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