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5th April 1915 to the 15th September 1915
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25th July 1915
Sunday again. Usually their day for shelling. Stifling hot and we can't get down to the beach during the day now, Asia wants it badly. One of our monitors came up this afternoon, and pasted Kum Kale again. Our friends must grow tired of bringing guns up there because immediately they do our chaps blow them out. The best bit of Howitzer shelling I've seen though occurred this afternoon. 2 big siege guns got onto our O.S. ridge. Fired about 45 rounds. We had a first class view of it from our gun pits only 700yds away.

26th July 1915
Heavy shelling by the Turks all night. Up at our O.S. at 4:30 this morning. News to hand that Cpl Evans, Dr Shepherd and Gnr Mackinon had died of wounds. Very quiet day. Feeling absolutely rotten. That fever again.

27th July 1915
Spent a rotten night. Couldn't sleep so sat up all night and read some paper printed 999BC. Went down to the Doc in the afternoon, told me I'd have to go out for a time. Beautiful, I don't think. Feel like you do after a night out, and as energetic as anyone with a temperature of 104! Back to Lemnos Island (Pyrexia illness)

28th July 1915
Was ass enough to go out to it last evening, and Olding and our Major ordered me away, so all last night they spent in getting me down to the beach. Asia couldn't stop firing even then. Got evil designs on me, I think. Got down to the base, and got plonked on a mine sweeper bound for god knows where. Feel awfully cheerful. Came along side an Australian hospital ship and was not allowed to go on board, although British Tommies, just ordinary cases were. Met a chap from the 8th Battery on board. He was awfully crook, so we asked the embarking officer if we could go on board our own countries ship, but were REFUSED.

29th July 1915
Arrived at Lemnos. Had to walk about ¾ of a mile to what proves to be the most perfect HELL I've yet struck. Was left lying on a road for 3hrs before we got into any sort of tent at all. Couldn't get anything to eat or drink and the tent was so full that we were put on the stones with only one blanket. All day today I've been waiting to see a doctor of some description, saw him finally. Ordered me straight away to bed. That was 2 pm. Nobody has troubled me so far. 3 of us dragged ourselves into a village this afternoon and bought some eggs which we ate raw. That was the only thing I've eaten in 56hrs.

30th July 1915
Somebody woke up that about 6 pm last night, we were on the island and they took us to some show which was once a tent. Anyhow I've still got a bed here. Find that this 'Hospital' is the 16th Stationary and British. Applied for a transfer to our Australian Hospital but was refused (only a few yards away). Before I'll come again to a British field hospital they'll have to shoot me. I am cutting out a few days here. Won't record anything. Want to forget this spasm. 31st July to 3rd August 1915 W.O. [Possible for WIPE OUT.]

4th August 1915
On a mine sweeper off back again, thank god! Feeling pretty rotten, but I'll take my chance of getting better back there than this hell hole. Applied for my hospital discharge yesterday and managed to get it after almost getting down as far as my knees and begging it. Got onto a troop ship on the way over, and had a decent feed, the first time I've had a digestible meal or part of one since I left the Battery. Expect to arrive at Helles late tonight.

Arrival back at Cape Helles

5th August 1915
Arrived at "W" beach and landed early this morning. Walked to our waggon line had 'a break' and Ye Gods; a wash. Got up to the Bty. later in the morning. Thankful to get back. Got into action at night. Believe there's an enormous 'dust up' coming off in a few days. Had a ripping supper, green peas and roast beef, macaroni and milk. Think your at Samuals. Whisky and lemon for a nightcap. Guess I'll be alright again soon.

6th August 1915
Orders for the bombardment to hand this morning. Opened up at 3 pm. The ships and heavies starting at 1 pm. Everything O.K. Left advanced considerably. Fired 214. Bty fired 900 odd. Sgt Selmes wounded.

7th August 1915
Bombarding all day. Too done up to write much. Gr Smith wounded. Believe we are to have two more days of this.

Anzac troops working the guns at Gallipoli (GWS)
8th August 1915
Heavy fighting all day. A few monitors with 14 inch guns came up and helped to paint the landscape hideous. Towards evening the Turks attacked in massed formation. Every available gun was turned on to repelling them which they did with terrible effect. Not one Turk succeeded in getting within striking distance of our fire trench. The shrapnel just tore long lanes in the advancing lines, and their well planned attack came to a sticky end. Just towards dusk we got 5 14 inch shells at us from somewhere on the map. Don't know where as yet, but gee, they made a mess of the road in one place. British submarine torpedoed Turkish battleship. Fighting all night.

9th August 1915
Heavy rifle fire all day. The enemy bombed our chaps out of a small trench last night, and they (the Turks) have been getting particular attention in that section. Later in the day, we opened up this trench with H.E. and played 'H' generally. This evening we had several visits from (Asiatic) Quick Dick. This is a British 6 inch gun with an awfully high explosive, firing Armstrong's ammunition. Well we think the rifling of that gun has gone, because we had five landed around us which came end over end, not point first as they should and they just skidded along the ground on striking, not even burying. Never exploded either, so we have 5 good trophies. Gr Young wounded.

10th August 1915
Very hot day. Heavy fighting up in the infantry trenches all day. Chas and I up to the first line this afternoon. Had a good screw around. The heaviest fighting during the last 4 days has been in a vineyard. The vines are trampled down and torn about with H.E. and shrapnel and interspersed with bodies. Our fellows got it pretty heavy in one corner, but Johnny Turk got it hot too. Got down to the Bty late. Had tea and got straight into action. They switched 3 of their Btys on to us so we had to shut up after half an hours scrapping. 11th August 1915
Very hot again today, so this morning we went for a swim. Asia could only spare us 2 shells, neither of which came very near or exploded so we had a glorious undisturbed bathe also a sun bathe. In the afternoon Q.D. had another go at our batteries, but failed miserably to do any material damage, but one shell got into a mob of horses, and laid a few out. All last night we were in action until 4 am this morning. Feeling quite fit again.

12th August 1915
Very hot today again. Too hot to go for a swim even, so had to resort to a bath in front of our gun. Opened fire towards evening and our friends Q.D. and Asiatic Annie replied, anyhow they haven't quite got our position and Q.D. has run out of Armstrong ammunition, so they have to blaze their own poor imitation ammunition away. The French have blown up several of their shells which have failed to explode. Great fun watching them at it. Heavy shelling of our trenches by the Turks.

13th August 1915
In action all last night. Turks attacked and captured a portion of our firing line G12. We repulsed 3 more attempts on their part to follow up their first advance. In action from 7:45 until 9:15 on the same stunt. Another 75 blown up today. This makes 12 of their 75 to be blown out on the Peninsular. Mail came to the Bty. today, mine nonest. Very quite night. Decent sleep tonight, I think!

14th August 1915
Got orders late last night to go up to our observing post to relieve the Major for a few hours, so I am up here. Nothing doing. Haven't even seen a Turk this morning. Got down to the Bty. at 9 am break. All our artillery is moving up. In front of us about 100yds is 75 Bty. Behind us about 50yds a 5in Howitzer Bty. (French). Tonight Asia bombarded 'W' beach with 4 new guns which he has brought up and placed in Kum Kale. Our 7.5 and 6in engaged them and soon shut them up.

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